Thursday, June 7, 2007

So we leave tomorrow at 3am for our flight. It's so crazy. By this time tomorrow I'll be in Peru.

I love my teammates. So far they are all so cool, and everyone who said they would be people who understand you - were so right. One person commented that it was nice to be among kindred spirits and as you looked around the room everyone was nodding and some people teared up. It's so crazy. We're all about to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives! It's gonna be so fun.

On my first day in Philadelphia a group of people went to the Liberty Bell. Interesting symbolism, no? All in all, staging has been way better than I expected. I've been through several trainings, but this is the first where it felt like even the slightly crazy ideas were accepted. Our trainters were open to everyone's comments. How freeing?

Anyway I just wanted to write a quick post before I show some pictures from our time here. It's been nice, but Peru here we come!

Here's me with all my luggage...and believe it or not, I don't even have the most. I'm not even close. I'll post more pictues as I can. Take care everyone!

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