Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mission Impossible

So my first goal is post a couple of pictures. This is my first attempt at posting pics on a public computer so here goes nothing.
Here´s me at the Training center a good pic. I´ll try to post some of the stuff we actually do, if I´ll remember to take my camera out from time to time.Here´s Karin and Kati.

This is a picture of my younger hermana, Kati and I. She is fascinated by my camera. Always wants to take pcitures.

Two locitas. We have fun together.
Today we had to go around the city and find out about stores and stuff Peruvian. They called it mission impossible. My group was sent to find a tallier (auto mechanic workshop). We found a good one and learned how cheap it is to maintain a car. Well, I guess cheap for US citizens. We also had to learn about the education system here in Peru. In some ways it is very different and in some ways it isn´t.
I´m always amazed at how much of a health nut my (Peruvian) mom is, and yet she still thinks you can catch a cold by the weather. She is the most wonderful woman. I think she is an amazing woman. I love talking to her about everything.
Back to the mission impossible. I bring it up for two reasons. One, it is the closest I´ve come to culture shock yet. Walking around a city and not really knowing the language while being on my partners time frame was starting to test me. But I managed to make it through without any real problems. I guess I caught it in time. The other reason I bring it up is because we had a competition today to see who could come up with the most information, and my team won. We received Peruvian chocolate. The debriefing for the Mission Impossible was really fun. We laughed a lot. We have the best facilitators. I hope to have a picture of Mike and Mariu soon, but they weren´t being very cooperative when I was trying to take one today.
I´m so glad I´m in Peru. I´m so glad I´m here with these people. My Peace Corps team keeps me sane. They are the coolest, most positive people I´ve met. I´m gonna dash, but I´ll hopefully have more pictures and more to tell. Thanks for the comments. They make my day. Feel free to email me as well.


Rebekah said...

¡Tu hermanitas son adorables! (Perdoname español--no recuerdo todos los tiempos para que usar ser o estar...o para como por...y el Google no tiene no idea que se habla.)

Julie said...

Wow! That's really cool that they organize activities that really get you out and interacting. That's one thing I'm definately missing out on here in Honduras! Glad you're having fun!