Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dogs, Dogs everywhere and not a spot to pee

So one of the other things about Peru that I find interesting is the treatment of dogs. I like dogs, but I´m learning to not like dogs while I`m over here. First of all, they are everywhere. They are like goats in small villages of Africa. They wander around freely and do their business wherever whenever the need may be. As we were doing research today (wandering around our barrio talking to people - I love this kind of research) we saw something come out of a dog´s behind that was unbelievable. I don`t know what it was, and I´m not going to gross you out with more details, but it was crazy.

So last night, I was returning from celebrating a friend´s birthday when on my dark path to my house a dog started growling at me. Dog´s in Peru tend to be aggressive and it was dark so I wasn´t thrilled with the situation. He kind of hounded me so I picked up the biggest rock I could find and pretended to throw it at him. He ran away, but I don´t like the darkness and the scariness of the dogs here.

Dogs are not well respected here, which in a way I kind of respect. I´ve always felt like Americans spends too much money on their animals. Yet it seems like there is a neccessary balance. Treating a dog poorly just makes it mean which then puts me in scary positions in the dark. I´m sure there is more to this because I´ve been thinking about it for days, but I´m tried from trying to translate Spanish all day.

My Spanish does feel a bit stronger. It´s important for me to hold on to days like this because tomorrow could be an equally difficult day. I´m learning poco a poco, but sometimes I wish I was fluent. I guess it´s all about the journey to the fluency. Send me your positive thoughts.


Ryan Yates said...

I remember spending a significant amount of time in my childhood paranoid about my next encounter with a Mexican dog. Eventually I learned that the difference between the dogs in Mexico and the ones in the United States was that the ones in Mexico ran away when you bent down (thinking you were searching for a rock with its name on it) while the US dogs would just keep barking. I have also never met a dog more loyal (but still badly behaved) then a Mexican one that we nursed back to health. Unfortunately it still had an affinity to eating dirty diapers. Good thing they have the liver for that kind of stuff.

Rebekah said...

You should ask Ryan what was wrong with "Florence Nightingale" to begin with, Ari--or maybe you don't want to know! Of course, if you ask him about that, he might divert the question by telling you about the "wolf" that I saw at his parents' house in the middle of the night when I was outside by myself...let's just say I completely understand how dogs can be scary at night....