Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Day to Day

So, I thought I would try to talk about my day. I don´t have a lot of time left, so here goes nothing.

I wake up at 6:00am and eat breakfast with my host mom (the one who had me at five) and my two sisters. Usually it´s coffee with milk, toast or bread, sometimes ham, avacado, or something else. Then I watch the news in Spanish where I understand very little, but thankfully for pictures I get the gist. At around 7:00 my mom takes my sister´s to school and I take a shower and get dressed. Around 7:30 (when headed to the PC training center) or 8:00 (if I´m headed to a language and culture class in my town) I head to training. I´m in training most of the day and around 5:00pm a bunch of the volunteers return together. We walk up this crazy hill (which I hope to take a picture of eventually) and head home. I greet my sisters and talk to them about their days as well as talk with my mom. Every other day I head to the internet cafe to post. But we usually eat around 7:00pm. Then my mom and I chat for awhile longer.

Here are the pictures:

This is my friend Sam and me with the extended family at a mass celebrating the life of a member of our family. I don´t know all of the people in this picture. Sam is to my right and my mom, Loly is over my left shoulder. You probably recognize my sisters. By the way, this is the second mass I attended. I´ve attended three in a week.

Here´s another picture with Sam and me. This is at a pizza place we went to last night to celebrate our first week in Peru.

Here´s a night shot of the town I live in, at least for these next 10 weeks.

Here´s an artsy shot of a moto taxi driving by. They have three wheels and are crazy, but most people take them to get up the hill.

Alright, peace everyone.

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Joan said...

Hi Ari,

Im so glad that you have settled in well. Keep the updates coming and we keep in prayer.
Love you dear.

Joan Leteipa (Kenya)