Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not a Hypochondriac

So, Pepe does exist, and Pepe has existed for awhile.

I have been unable to shake this cough (symptom of something bad happening), but a few weeks ago one of the doctors told me my stool sample came up negative for any parasite. I didn't believe because I had tried cold medicine and allergy medicine and nothing had worked. It didn't make sense.

So I went and visited my Doctors again and allegedly I got the wrong news about my stool sample. I do have a parasite, a bacterial parasite...can you have a bacterial parasite? Anyway, Pepe will be killed starting Monday.

I'm just glad to know that I don't have these symptoms from stress.

Now if there was only a pill to make my Spanish better, I would be lovin' life.


Mardy said...

I would never accuse you of hypochondrism. . . not my tough little sister. Glad to hear that you'll be getting the correct medication to "clear you up." Also, I'm sure your Spanish is better than you think it is! Love ya!

Susan said...

hey there, ari.
I'm happy to know that you will be in a less symbiotic state soon.. I'm glad that I can keep up with your life a little via blog - now that I finally remembered where it is... Keep strong-