Thursday, August 16, 2007

Feeling the Earth Move and other thoughts on earthquakes

I know everyone is concerned because of the International news about the 7.9 (last I heard) earthquake that hit Peru last night around 6:45pm. The epicenter was around three hours south of Lima in a Department (think state) called Ica. You'll remember I visited Chincha, Ica about two months ago. That's exactly where the earthquake hit...or should I say four earthquakes. According to the Peruvian news there were four, but we were feeling aftershocks even today. Felt two pretty awesome ones last night at around midnight.

I'm fine. All is well. I felt the first earthquake, all two minutes of it, and the ones following, althught we just thought they were aftershocks. But other than the climbing death toll in Ica (the epicenter) all is well. Allegedly Pisco, Ica (known for its amazing alcoholic beverage of the same name) is leveled. We have one Peace Corps volunteer in Pisco. Thankfully, she was in Lima editing the environmental newsletter. All five PC volunteers in Ica are accounted for. Coincidentally enough, they were all away on PC business, dance competitions, or vacations. Everyone in Peace Corps is very thankful for that.

We're all just going to have to wait and see how this pans out. There might be some disaster relief involved for the Peace Corps. Our swearing in is Friday the 24th. I have my final language exam Saturday. Please be thinking positive thoughts for me as if I don't make the right level I am delayed in starting my service in Cajamarca.

But the big news for my friends and family is that I am fine. Thanks for all the emails and postings. Feel free to email with any questions. You guys probably know more in the states than we do here.


Mardy said...

Hey there! So glad/relieved to hear that you're okay and that the other PC volunteers are safe and accounted for. I'll be thinking of you on your language exam. I know you'll do fabuously! I love you and miss you.


annakate said...

Hi Ari! Happy to hear you were unscathed by the massive earthquake. I love your blog and miss you a ton!


carolyn said...

this is dot and carolyn,so happy you are fine. connie announced in church today that you were ok and everyone was happy to hear that! we also love and miss you lots..we will pray for you friday...