Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Quick Post explaining Peace Corps Peru

So, now that I've been in country for awhile, I'm learning a lot about what makes Peace Corps Peru so special. So for those of you who don't know, here's a quick note:

* Peace Corps has four ares of development: Small Business, Youth, Environment, and Health
* Small Business and Youth train together (right now) or during summer. Environment and Health train together right after we leave.
* Our trainers are the coolest. We have both language trainers who we can only speak EspaƱol with, and technical trainers who help us figure out how to do our jobs. Some of them are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV). Others are host country nationals who are incredibly helpful and supportive.
* When we arrived in Peru we had an orientation and were immediately interviewed in our language skills and put into groups. We are being interviewed again this week (week four of training) and again at the end of training, and one more time at the end of service. You have to reach and Intermediate mid to qualify for service. My first interview took me to an Intermediate Low (that was lucky). I only have to rise one level to qualify for service. Peru has never had a volunteer not qualify for service. They do everything in their power to get us through.
* Training is very hands on. We speak Spanish quite a bit, but we also have to develop contacts in our areas (note: networking), do community assessment and research, as well as work with youth or people in microbusiness. You jump right in.
* Rumor has it, that if you don't hate training by the end, you didn't do something right. A ver. (We´ll see.)

So, that´s my update for now. I am still doing well. I'll keep you posted when I think of other things. If you have questions, feel free to email me.


carolyn said...

thanks for the update..it is great to hear from you..cow's heart?? did you eat any???what does it taste like ??? missing you lots..happy 4th of july!!!! carolyn& dot

Mardy said...

Thanks for the info... Sounds like everything is going well. I'm really enjoying your posts...Had a fairly uneventful 4th; saw the Costas, hung out w/ the Steins; they all say Hello.
Love ya,