Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another blog about food

Yesterday Peru 9 headed back to Lima, this time to learn how to grow an organic garden. This was the first of four classes we will have at a university called La Agraria. In Peru, it’s apparently a good idea to be able to grow an organic garden as a major portion of agriculture in Peru comes from small gardens. At least I think that’s what the lecturer said. We toured the grounds, started a garden on a very small plot of ground, started some seedlings (is that the correct term?), and learned about produce only found in Peru. I’m not sure if I’m excited about gardening or not. I like it, but only to a certain extent. It really is a lot of work.

After we finished with our lesson for the day, we ventured to Jockey Plaza. Jockey Plaza is a mall with a Cineplex and everything. It was kind of weird to be in the middle of Peru, to live with families that live with very little money and to go to a very materialistic place. And this time, it was only with about 20 soles. Which isn’t enough money for the kind of stuff we could buy there. We certainly have to deal with strange emotions going to a place like that. I want to return one more time next week to watch Ocean’s 13. They call it something else here.

Today was more parties. I went to one at my friend Elena’s house where we learned how to make anticucho (grilled cow heart shown below) and another one at my grandma’s house. We had arroz con pollo and ceveche. Which is a traditional dish of Peru. It was my first ceveche in Peru. I’ve heard amazing things about this, and actually had some last year at my friend Jairo’s house. Well, my first taste was no disappointment, but then of course my grandma is no slouch of a cook either. Anyway, the food was great. I think Peru’s food is fabulous. This is the second email I’ve posted about food.

Here´s a pic of my friends Frank and Greg cooking anticucho.


Julie said...

Dang! I'm jealous! Honduran food is not the best I've had....

Veronica said...

Peruvian food is the best!!! try it!! is really really nice!! i lov peruvia n food!!!