Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a Quick Word

For all you faithful blog followers out there (all six of you)I want to let you know I'm still here. And sometimes I even have ideas to write about, but I've been doing so much writing (for IST Theatre Manual, Youth Newsletter, IYFD Group, Resume, Cover Letter, you see what I'm talking about) I haven't been able to get myself in blog writing mode. Nor have I taken many new pictures lately. I'll try to do that.

I do want to let you all know, I have really been enjoying the company of my host mom. The other day we had a really deep and intimate conversation about marital relations in Peru. I think I've said how much I adore my host mom, Mama Gi, but sometimes I'm so amazed at how different we are, but how much we get along and enjoy each other. She's told me on a couple of occasions that she is sad when she comes home at night and my light's not on. She has truly become a good friend and sometimes I have moments with her and I just want to cry thinking of leaving her. So far I've been holding it together, but I'm waiting for the tears to fall. It's gonna be a faucet here before too long.

Okay, more soon and hopefully pictures.


Samantha said...

Maybe you'll be a faucet, but we'll all be tears of joy when we get to see you face to face again! besos

Mardy said...

I'm glad that you've made a strong connection with your host mom. . . Obviously, you've worked very hard to cultivate those relationships. That's what your work is all about--right!?!

We'd sure love to see more pics soon too. Maybe you could do a "day in the life" picture documentary for us.

reginag said...

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