Monday, May 12, 2008

A New Start…Welcome to Jangas, Ancash

Although at this point I’ve only spent about three hours at my new site, Jangas [hongus]. Jangas is a beautiful site. Nestled between the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra. I have a great view of Huascaran, the second largest mountain in the Americas, and the second highest mountain range (the Andes) in the world. I am feeling a little bit more positive than I was in Cajamarca. I guess that’s just a fresh start. I’m very wary after the last eight and a half months in Catilluc of the people, the work, and of course the expectations on me. And I’m very worried that my next year will be as unsuccessful as my first. So I keep plugging away, hoping that eventually excitement will come over me that makes me love this job.

Yet, Huaraz is amazing. There are great restaurants here. And in general I like the feel. Jangas is only about 20 minutes away from Huaraz, so my local market and internet are here in Huaraz. It’s also only a sol or a sol fifty to get to and from Huaraz and Jangas. It reminds me of training when we used to have to grab a combi every morning to get to the training center. I don’t plan on being here every morning, but it will be nice to sit in a coffee shop and use the wireless internet. Can you believe I’m in Peace Corps? Some days, I can’t.

Speaking of training, Peru 11 will be arriving June 6th I believe. They will be another group of Small Business and Youth Development trainees and then volunteers. I will be heading down to Lima to give a talk with the Women in Development/Gender and Development committee. We do a quick training session on gender problems that could come up during one’s service in Peru.

But today, I’m just feeling nervous. I want this new start to be the Peace Corps service that I hoped for. And maybe my expectations are misplaced, but hopefully, I can modify those as I go. Or maybe that was my downfall in Catilluc. But live and learn, right?


Ryan Yates said...

Pictures of the mountains around you look spectacular :D. We hope you develop good relationships in your new area and make some progress that you can see and be motivated by.

Mardy said...

I know that this "fresh start" will be awesome! I can feel it! Please send some pics of your new site when you have time.

Keep your head up-sis. No matter what, we love you and believe in you. Before you know it your Peace Corps time will have passed and you'll be missing Peru.

Take care.

Samantha said...

Don't forget to go to the California Cafe (I may be remembering the name wrong). They have bagels and wi-fi. Also, they have a waiting list for people to take over and run the cafe when the owner (Californian) and his wife (Peruvian) head back to the states.